Lost 50 Pounds in 6 months on the Paelo Diet

Paelo Diet Results

Jennifer lost almost 50 pounds in 6 months on the Paelo Diet.

“The photo on the left represents my weight maximum. After that trip I generally tried to eat less and eat healthier, and lost about 10 pounds through doing so over the next three years.
I officially began the paleo diet on January 10, 2011, and weighed 156.5 pounds on that day. I followed that diet for 6 months, and I lost 49.3 pounds in that period.”

Her strategy:
– Avoided carbs (including starches) and sugars, entirely where possible
– Mostly ate raw fruit (not blended, no juice), cooked meat, nuts, and eggs. Mostly avoided cheese.
– Most frequent foods: bananas, raw almonds, raw pistachios, bacon
– To ward off sugar cravings, drank diet soda and chewed gum
– Diet deviation mostly happened in the form of occasional beer or glass of wine
– Exercise was light to moderate: walking, hang gliding, some weight-lifting


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